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Tips, Lists & Information on Many Real Estate Topics Selling anything is about presenting it as favorably as possible, and a home is no exception.

Вичуга купить Коксик click here With the right REALTOR® and the right presentation, you may find that selling your home is a painless, quick, profitable process! Following is a great checklist for preparing your home to show. Click the icon in the top right corner to print or email! 

нов купить Рафинад ❍  Windows, sills, and screens
❍  Walls and floor
❍  Tile
❍  Ceilings
❍  Cupboards and drawers
❍  Kitchen
❍  Bathrooms
❍  Light fixtures
❍  Ceiling fans
❍  Carpet and rugs
❍  Mirrors
❍  Garage
❍  Attic
❍  Basement
❍  Laundry room
❍  Yard
❍  Gutters
❍  Replace furnace filter
❍  Dust furniture, TV and computer screens
❍  Closets
❍  Remove clutter
❍  Pack personal items
❍  Leaky faucets and plumbing
❍  Torn screens
❍  Slow drains
❍  Gutters
❍  Loose doorknobs
❍  Deck boards
❍  Broken windows
❍  Electrical fixtures
❍  Water stain damage
❍  Broken appliances
❍  Damaged walls and ceilings
❍  Worn carpet and rugs
❍  Damaged sidewalks and steps
❍  Stain or paint deck
❍  Store tools
❍  Roll up garden hose
❍  Paint or stain exterior
❍  Prune bushes and hedges
❍  Trim trees
❍  Mow lawn, fertilize, edge, and trim
❍  Weed gardens, plant flowers
❍  Shovel driveways, de-ice
❍  Stack firewood
❍  Clean out birdbaths
❍  Caulk windows and doors
❍  Repair and paint fences
❍  Seal asphalt driveway
❍  Make sure doors close properly
❍  Enhance entryway
❍  Replace welcome mat